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In An Environment Like This…

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My brother Peter and I started Salviascope with the intent of offering complete end to end production services. So far, we’ve been doing just that in a variety of production environments: live events, documentaries, short films, and even fake reality tv. That last one might be my favorite of what we’ve completed so far. I’ve somehow become addicted to the reality tv show (I know) “Dual Survival”. It’s the best “survival” show on tv. I HATE reality tv, so if I’m watching it, well, “Mr. Satan sir, your size 12 ice skates are ready.” I had been throwing around the idea of doing a complete rip off of the show in some way. Leave it to the U.S. Army to actually give me & my brother the chance to write, shoot, and edit…

Dual Thrive-ival (password: ayre)

This comedic short is screening for troops at Army Yellow Ribbon Experience events as a way to bring levity to an otherwise somber process. The Army Yellow Ribbon Experience provides support for returning Army vets, pre-deployed soldiers, and family members of currently deployed troops. The program has only been in existence for a few years and most of the public and troops are still unaware of its existence. I’ve seen real breakthroughs for individuals. Some hated the program in the beginning, but came out loving it by the end. Others were able to receive counseling on site and everyone came away more enlightened.

Since the 2003 Iraq invasion, its been clear to me that the wars our politicians are waging in our names are fallacious on a scale America hasn’t experienced since Vietnam. Given today’s depressing New York Times article, “Suicide Rates Eclipse War Deaths For Troops“, I think we’re seeing the long term effects of these never ending quagmires. The young men and women fighting these wars pay the ultimate cost. The rest of us bear it psychically. No matter what your view of the multiple wars we’re engaged in… the Army Yellow Ribbon Experience is one of the FEW government programs actively helping the troops reintegrate emotionally, mentally, and physically. Hoorah.


Salviascope 101

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Salviascope has released the first in what could become a series of training tutorials for Speedgrade- the new full feature color correction software bundled inside the upcoming Adobe Production Suite CS6. If you’re making the transition from FCP7 to an Adobe Premiere/Speedgrade workflow (or thinking about it) you’ll find plenty of great info in this intro video. We’ve secured a very special trainer to provide insight into this incredibly rich application. Produced by my brother Peter Salvia, you can read his own blog post on the tutorial.

Click through to Vimeo to watch in HD. If you want more tutorials like this one please leave feedback on Pete’s vimeo page.

Salviascope, LLC Los Angeles

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So its been a while since a real update and I’m no longer living and working in DC. I’ve ventured out to L.A. to freelance in film and video production and post production. I’ve also formed a production company, with my brother Peter, called Salviascope, LLC. This project has actually been years in the making and I’m proud to present our new web site!

Now for the most exciting part: We’re owners of 2 Red Scarlets! This camera is capable of incredibly high end motion capture at a price point pretty much unheard of until a few months ago. We’ve got accessories and Canon EF lenses. If you’re interested in hiring us for a production, renting the cameras, or both you’ll find rates & package info here. Did I mention we do 3D?

We’ve got a combined 15 years of production and post experience.

Our first narrative production, from Writer/Director Neil Thompsett, is being shot by your’s truly on Scarlet with Canon glass.

On the run.

Expect more updates here and on soon.