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Salviascope, LLC Los Angeles

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So its been a while since a real update and I’m no longer living and working in DC. I’ve ventured out to L.A. to freelance in film and video production and post production. I’ve also formed a production company, with my brother Peter, called Salviascope, LLC. This project has actually been years in the making and I’m proud to present our new web site!

Now for the most exciting part: We’re owners of 2 Red Scarlets! This camera is capable of incredibly high end motion capture at a price point pretty much unheard of until a few months ago. We’ve got accessories and Canon EF lenses. If you’re interested in hiring us for a production, renting the cameras, or both you’ll find rates & package info here. Did I mention we do 3D?

We’ve got a combined 15 years of production and post experience.

Our first narrative production, from Writer/Director Neil Thompsett, is being shot by your’s truly on Scarlet with Canon glass.

On the run.

Expect more updates here and on soon.


Peter Bjorn and John Daytrip Ahead of the Curve

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Speaking of Swedish electro/rock music, yesterday Pitchfork debuted their latest music documentary Daytripping: Peter Bjorn and John.

1200 bit rate HD video screen grab

Once you start the video right-click to select HD playback ftw head honcho RJ Bentler directs and produces, which probably explains why this edition of Daytripping was filmed in HD. The film crew follows PB&J while in Austin this past March at SXSW Festival. The whole time the band is also being filmed by Swedish National TV. The band does a ton of promo for their new album Living Thing, including performances/interviews for radio stations KCRW and Austin’s 101x. Both radio stations also break out cameras to film.It’s all very meta in figuring out who is shooting who. One of PB&J’s coolest promos involves a shoot for MTVu’s Ahead of the Curve which uses a RED camera.

MTVu RED Camera

My favorite part of he documentary is that you get to see the PB&J RED camera footage in action on Pitchfork’s Delve Networks player. MTVu cinematographer Joe Arcidiacono describes the RED as, “a high quality HD camera.” Most online and TV video shot in HD is shot at 1080 resolution. The RED shoots at least 2k. It looks simply a-maz-ing.

Peter Bjorn & John shot on RED

Ahead of the Curve RED camera footage starts at 8:03 in part 1

So here’s where it gets interesting. Pitchfork is smart & savvy and uses the Delve Networks streaming video platform, which handles playback of HD like gravy. It does justice to how amazing RED camera footage looks and shows that streaming video on the Internet is about (has already?) to trump traditional television quality. It inspires blog posts. Kudos to Pfork and Delve. On the other hand, MTV uses (what looks like) an old Brightcove streaming video platform for their web sites. It can’t handle HD, much less RED footage, for shit.

Click the pic to watch and compare to Pfork's player

Click the pic to watch and compare to Pfork's player

If I were MTVu Director Dax or Cinemtographer Joe I would sure as hell want to make sure that my “high quality HD camera” Ahead of the Curve played in HD online. Yes, you can always hope to catch this less than :60 seconds randomly playing video by watching MTVu on television. That’s what television companies want. I’ll take my music videos on line and on demand. Pitchfork, please make more features like this one in HD. And more RED footage please!  Bonus: MTVu excitedly blogged about their behind the scenes footage in Pitchfork’s Daytripping documentary. Do they even realize how pwned they are getting in online video quality? And now they direct viewers to see this first hand. How poetic that Ahead of the Curve RED footage is being used to showcase just how far behind the curve MTV is when it comes to the Internet.