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You’re Goddamn Right I Live In The Past!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on March 7, 2014 by Jon

When I started this blog I had the idea of using random quotes from the film, “The Big Lebowski”, for each entry’s title. You see, I’m a bit of a nut about the film and I’m pretty convinced that any line in that movie can be applied to one’s own life, as it is ongoing, in almost any situation. Delightfully stupid. But dammit if I didn’t have fun trying to make it work. If you skim the entry titles from 6 years back (fuck, really 6?) you can see that I did a good job.

But then as I shifted career paths my focus changed. Entries became more technically orientated, and less personal. That whole quote thing flew right out the window. So it’s fitting I found a ripe one from the Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator for this personal entry.

My dog, Pluto, died last week. He moved back to the east coast several months ago to live with my parents. My job and living situation inhibited my ability to care for him properly. My parents are awesome. His move back east had nothing to do with his death. He arrived at the Vet’s having to be carried in with a fever of 106. He had trouble sitting. Several hours earlier you would never have known what was coming. Pluto was his usual Tesla coil of energy. Then he came inside from playing in the back yard and was shaking something fierce. My mom called the neighbor who came over and checked his temperature. 103.

It was sudden, and mercifully swift. Pluto had one of the rarest forms of cancer on his right kidney. Adenocarcinoma. The doctor’s didn’t know how long it had been there, but it was already too late. The cancer reached his nervous system and was unstoppable. As the hours passed Pluto only got worse. By the end he couldn’t stand, barely able to move at all. Over the phone I said goodbye to my buddy. We euthanized him.

This all happened in less than 24 hours. Over the weekend it rained here. We’ve been in The Worst Drought In Recorded California History. The rain received won’t make up for that, but its better than nothing. A parting gift, if you will, from a friend.

A dog will teach you to live in the moment. Over the last several months Pluto helped my dad get back into shape. He made everyone’s day brighter just from being his own kind soul. Even at the end he refused to prolong the inevitable. You couldn’t ask for a better friend than that. A dog will change your life. Miss you bud. Thanks for playing.

A Man's Best Friend

A Man’s Best Friend