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You’re Goddamn Right I Live In The Past!

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When I started this blog I had the idea of using random quotes from the film, “The Big Lebowski”, for each entry’s title. You see, I’m a bit of a nut about the film and I’m pretty convinced that any line in that movie can be applied to one’s own life, as it is ongoing, in almost any situation. Delightfully stupid. But dammit if I didn’t have fun trying to make it work. If you skim the entry titles from 6 years back (fuck, really 6?) you can see that I did a good job.

But then as I shifted career paths my focus changed. Entries became more technically orientated, and less personal. That whole quote thing flew right out the window. So it’s fitting I found a ripe one from the Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator for this personal entry.

My dog, Pluto, died last week. He moved back to the east coast several months ago to live with my parents. My job and living situation inhibited my ability to care for him properly. My parents are awesome. His move back east had nothing to do with his death. He arrived at the Vet’s having to be carried in with a fever of 106. He had trouble sitting. Several hours earlier you would never have known what was coming. Pluto was his usual Tesla coil of energy. Then he came inside from playing in the back yard and was shaking something fierce. My mom called the neighbor who came over and checked his temperature. 103.

It was sudden, and mercifully swift. Pluto had one of the rarest forms of cancer on his right kidney. Adenocarcinoma. The doctor’s didn’t know how long it had been there, but it was already too late. The cancer reached his nervous system and was unstoppable. As the hours passed Pluto only got worse. By the end he couldn’t stand, barely able to move at all. Over the phone I said goodbye to my buddy. We euthanized him.

This all happened in less than 24 hours. Over the weekend it rained here. We’ve been in The Worst Drought In Recorded California History. The rain received won’t make up for that, but its better than nothing. A parting gift, if you will, from a friend.

A dog will teach you to live in the moment. Over the last several months Pluto helped my dad get back into shape. He made everyone’s day brighter just from being his own kind soul. Even at the end he refused to prolong the inevitable. You couldn’t ask for a better friend than that. A dog will change your life. Miss you bud. Thanks for playing.

A Man's Best Friend

A Man’s Best Friend


The Flaming Lips On The Friday

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This Friday the Flaming Lips will be putting on the Summer’s most intergalactastic show at Merriweather in Columbia. Why should you go? The music is great, there’s confetti, a man in an inflatable ball walks across the heads of the audience, and Santas and Aliens dance on stage. That’s not enough? Fine. This is the first time they’ve toured as a headlining act in at least 4 years… reason being, they’ve got a new double album coming out in October called Embryonic. You’ll be able to listen to the new album in full at their merch table during the show.


Plus, when you buy tickets you get the code to download a 3 song digital EP and they’ve just added 3 more songs to that. As someone who’s seen the Lips several times, I’m really psyched that Star Death and White Dwarfs are opening. SDWD is fronted by Wayne Coyne’s nephew and nepotism or not these guys sound “like a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge”, to paraphrase Tyres O’Flaherty.  Their debut album, Birth, just came out. Listen and download a couple of the songs. Play your cards right and your concert experience will go something like this

Tron Mary T-Shirt for the win


Redecorating the Resume

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In the process of updating my resume and looking for a full time gig I’ve been rewatching some of my independent video projects. Those include previously blogged about a) video blog for Annapolis’ best comic book shop Third Eye Comics & b) a 30 second commercial for Baltimore’s largest club Rams Head Live. So here’s something new for you- my first ever paying gig as a videographer/editor. Deco-Mags is a business owned by my friend and former colleague Alex Cortright’s wife Monica Benitz. Basically, she makes these huge magnets that can be cut up and put on any kind of metal appliance or fixture. Hopefully the video gives you a good idea of what Deco-Mags are.

I didn’t have room to include Deco-Mags on my resume, but I wanted to give my first project a shout out. It did have quite the audience as a pre-roll video ad on WRNR‘s online radio stream for a month in late 2008. Plus, it’s a great excuse to post my resume (twice!).

How To Promote Your Film, Video, What Have You On the Web

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Steve Zacuto and company have been producing this really great webisodic series called “Film Fellas”. It features Steve and a cast of 3 rotating industry types talking about the future of film and video distribution. In this episode Steve and company discuss and debate the models for branding your film/video/what have you in the social media age.

The discussion centers on how important it is to “build a community” for your impending film release. Everyone agrees that Twitter, Facebook, Myspace are all important outlets to attract and build a fanbase, which translates into people watching your content when its released. So the question is, what kind of content do you offer the fanbase to pique their interest and “build that community”? The answer is: extra, interesting, and unique video content and the ability to interact. Behind the scenes footage, video blogs, sneak peeks, comment sections are all pure fried gold. I’m a huge fan of Simon Pegg (I know you know). He and frequent co-star/best friend Nick Frost are currently filming their new movie Paul. is one of the coolest, easy to navigate online communities for an upcoming movie I’ve ever seen. It incorporates everything we’ve talked about for successful “community building”. Take a look at the first video blog from on set with Simon and Nick.

Building a web site like isn’t cheap for independent filmmakers. But with the multitude of kids graduating from web design school these days I’m sure you can find someone willing to work with you to build their resume. Maybe you could even use one of those new fangled social media apps to network and find the right person for the job? Paul comes out in 2010, which is a year that’s getting my thumbs up so far.

Tron. 2. Trailer. Dude.

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Ok, it’s not really a trailer, but HD concept footage from the movie. Gutter put it best: Words fail. Click here to watch.

Tron Bike

Bird's Eye

First Person

Tron Fail

Sailing Channel Theater- Cruising Has NO LIMITS

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Following an overly long blogging break, I’m proud to bring you my latest excuse project, and the reason I haven’t had time to blog:


Sailing Channel Theater features excerpts from the best independently produced sailing documentaries in the world. The first episode features Lin & Larry Pardey’s “Cruising Has NO LIMITS”, which documents their journies to Southern Africa, Brazil, and western Ireland. This is my first time working on a broadcast television show, and what the press release doesn’t tell you is that this is a family affair. My Dad Tory is the host/producer/TheSailingChannel.TV CEO, brother Peter is director/producer/post-production, and I handle marketing/pr/web/post-production. The show is premiering this Sunday, July 5 at 1pm on WLIW21 Long Island public television. WLIW, being the forward thinking folks that they are, have posted the show on their web site for streaming here. You can also watch it online at TheSailingChannel.TV/SCT. And hey, if you’re interested in getting the halo-y goodness of underwriting the only sailing centric show on public television email me Jon@TheSailingChannel.TV. Ok, if you made it this far you can watch the video right here, but you have to tell at least one friend about it!

The Aesthetics of Full Screen YouTube

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YouTube made a small, but important improvement to their player last week. Full screen mode is now REALLY full screen mode. The identifiable YouTube scrubber bar at the bottom of the player disappears when your mouse goes idle when in full screen. True the YouTube watermark stays on the screen, but this is still an aesthetically pleasing step in the right direction. If you plan on watching any of those Cannes shorts on your 24 inch flatscreen Dell monitor you’ll appreciate this. Or for that matter, if you like watching HD concert performances by No Age filmed by people with the exact same name as you (me)

They’re smart to match the aesthetic value of smaller scale, sleeker designed video platforms like Vimeo and Delve Networks. Kudos YouTube!