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Salviascope, LLC Los Angeles

Posted in L.A., News, Red, Salviascope, Scarlet with tags , , , , , on April 16, 2012 by Jon

So its been a while since a real update and I’m no longer living and working in DC. I’ve ventured out to L.A. to freelance in film and video production and post production. I’ve also formed a production company, with my brother Peter, called Salviascope, LLC. This project has actually been years in the making and I’m proud to present our new web site!

Now for the most exciting part: We’re owners of 2 Red Scarlets! This camera is capable of incredibly high end motion capture at a price point pretty much unheard of until a few months ago. We’ve got accessories and Canon EF lenses. If you’re interested in hiring us for a production, renting the cameras, or both you’ll find rates & package info here. Did I mention we do 3D?

We’ve got a combined 15 years of production and post experience.

Our first narrative production, from Writer/Director Neil Thompsett, is being shot by your’s truly on Scarlet with Canon glass.

On the run.

Expect more updates here and on soon.


Automatic Duck For Free

Posted in How To, News with tags , , , on November 2, 2011 by Jon

The Original Port Huron Statment. (Not the compromised 2nd draft)

I’ve recently found myself finishing in After Effects more and more. Anything to do with motion graphics is just easier to use in AE than in FCP7 and much more intuitive than Motion. Not to mention there’s the weirdness of After Effects created titles rendering really badly in FCP7. Anyone else notice that? Automatic Duck recently made free their industry standard plugins Pro Import AE, Pro Import FCP, and Pro Export FCP. Co-owner Wes Plate was hired by Adobe (good news for Premier Pro users I’ll wager!) and can’t offer enough support to justify charging for his plugins.

You mark that frame an 8, and you're entering a world of pain.

Here’s the link to his customer thank you. These plugins used to cost ~$500 each. Trying out the Pro Import AE plugin was a breeze. Simply export your FCP7 (or FCPX) project into XML format. Then open up After Effects and click Import Automatic Duck Pro Import AE. It references all the media from your FCP project file without creating any new media. This is a boon for those of us still using FCP7 or FCPX with After Effects. It should be noted this will only be good through AE 5.5 after which I can’t imagine it will be updated, but who knows. FCP7 is certainly a dead end anyway. I’m gearing up to take my Premier Pro training at Future Media Concepts here in DC as I think it’s poised to take the place of FCP in the Professional NLE Wars.

In related news Popcorn Island released the latest version of their Final Cut 2 After Effects script for After Effects. Now this is a script and not nearly as simple to use as Automatic Duck plugins. However, it does provide for some nice control over how your FCP project displays in the After Effects timeline. For instance, the default setting is to hide all of the audio tracks and filters. This really cleans up your timeline in a big way. And, this one will probably continue to receive updates and support. However, according to one commenter on Popcorn Island’s web site, the script is still a bit buggy. Use with caution.

Avid. November 3rd. Bleeeaaaarrrrg!

Posted in News with tags , , on November 1, 2011 by Jon

Not exactly a lightweight.

If you’re reading this you probably know about Thursday’s Canon and RED announcements. Now Avid enters the November 3rd fray with a webcast for what will be a look at Media Composer 6. Based on past screengrabs and Avid’s recent realization that they should start listening to their user base instead of dictating…well damn if this doesn’t look like it could be kind of awesome.

Don't run away from this, Dude! Goddamnit, this affects all of us!


It appears details on Media Composer 6 have been leaked ahead of Thursday’s webcast.

That’s A Swiss Fucking Watch

Posted in News with tags , , , , on September 23, 2011 by Jon

Scientists recently discovered how to record the way the brain sees/processes images in the “mind’s eye”.

Anyone remember the 1991 movie “Until The End Of The World” with William Hurt and Sam Neill?

It’s an ok movie, nothing great, but it does talk about scientists developing the technology to record dreams. And a quote from the ABC article above:

If you can decode movies people saw, you might be able to decode things in the brain that are movie-like but have no real-world analog, like dreams,

The implications for filmmakers of the future is staggering. What if you didn’t need cameras, lights, a crew, or actors? What if every night you could create a feature length movie, record it, and distribute it the next day on the Internet? Time to start working on my lucid dreaming.

What do you do for a living, son? I’m a dreamer sir. Large and small.

How’s The Smut Business, Jackie?

Posted in News with tags , , , on August 14, 2009 by Jon

As I predicted 4 months ago, music taste maker Pitchfork finally monetized their video player sub site Pitchfork.TV. Their first customer, Fuse TV, is running a :30 second pre-roll ad that plays before every video on the site. I thought they’d go with an overlay ad for a trial run, but the forced video viewing route is where they wound up.

PFork TV Ad

PFork.TV uses Delve Networks‘ video player, the same player used by my company TheSailingChannel.TV. Delve has been getting tons of good press lately. One of Delve’s unique features, that Pfork.TV is not utilizing, is semantic search within video content. This allows you to search inside the video itself and jump directly to the point in the video in which you are most interested. Far out man. Pfork should enable this feature asap, especially for their longer form content. There’s no reason not to now that they’re getting paid, right?