Shane Hurlbut Shares Secrets of the Universe

Shane Hurlbut is turning into my favorite DSLR internet guru. The guy is a bonafide pro and he’s sharing a lot of his cinematography, lighting, and film making knowledge for free. This video is a great primer for on set 5Dmarkii/any DSLR camera protocol

The video below includes really cool info on choosing picture style  for your DSLR, and a new program coming out from Cinnafilm called Dark Energy that eliminates *all* aliasing and artifacts from DSLR footage in post. According to Shane, Dark Energy allows you to get a true “Digital Film” look color grade. Very intriguing indeed. Plus, green filmmaking in the 21st century. It’s worth the watch.

Shane recently posted an incredibly detailed account of his first feature length film as director of photography. This is the first of a *15 part* series on lighting. I will be reading/watching these in preparation for my Cinematography & Lighting class (taught by The Wire director of photography David Insley!) in March. I remember watching The Rat Pack on HBO when it debuted and really enjoying the “look” without appreciating why.

Learning how to make the images look how I want them to in camera and not having to “fix it in post” is pure enlightenment. Understanding the principles of cinematography only helps with telling one’s story, even if you never plan on lighting a Arri 150, in this visual medium. Not to mention increasing one’s post production skills (important for my day job as a video editor). There’s really nothing like editing and color correcting something you shot. So thank you Mr. Hurlbut for sharing your passion and secrets that take a lifetime to master.

Three Must Read DSLR Champions:

Shane Hurlbut

Phillip Bloom

Vincent LaForet


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