Crazy Creative Canadians

Oh, Canada! Ever since the dawn of the 21st century you’ve consistently put out some of the best music and visual art in North America and the world. Let’s take a 2010 sampling.

The Arcade Fire love them some interactive Internet videos. Taking advantage of this multimedia era they’ve done a few amazing things.

In their latest “experiment”, The Wilderness Downtown, your childhood neighborhood becomes the setting for Arcade Fire’s  “We Used To Wait”. Music video director Chris Milk (Chemical Brothers, Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West) made the visuals. Here’s his trailer

“People at Google” put it all together to showcase HTML5 in their broswer Google Chrome, which is the best way to watch. Click the picture below to get engaged…

Web Cinema 2010

Google chose one of, if not the, coolest bands in the world to make something really, really fresh. Think Apple’s iPod launch back in 2000 with U2. Might this be a test of some kind of music service/hybrid 21st century business model between Google and artists (and filmmakers?)? Time will tell. In the meantime Win Butler might revise his quote to include “web developers”.

Director Chris Milk, also out of Canadia, has directed music videos for everyone from Kanye West to Courtney Love to The Chemical Brothers.

Speaking of crazy, creative, Canadian based artists, Spy Films’ Areve Manoukian’s award winning short film Nuit Blanche still blows my mind on a regular basis. All Our Noise wrote a nice review back in February.


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