Vimeo Enables Mobile Video

A tech post for all you aspiring creative types with Vimeo Plus accounts. If you’ve got a smart phone try logging into Vimeo through That should allow you to access mobile vimeo features like uploading video from your phone to Vimeo. For all you poor people like me with vintage cell phones you can now have your videos play on your rich friends phones. Log in to your account. Go to any of your videos. Click on Settings.

Click on Video File.

See where it says Alternate Versions? Check the box to the left of Make mobile versions of all my videos.

Can you figure out which box I mean?

From now on whenever you upload new video a mobile smart phone friendly version of the video will also be made. At least in theory. The email I received asked us not to spread this info around until they make sure they have it working. But what the heck. If I had a smart phone the first video on Vimeo I’d try to watch would be Ted Chung’s “A Thousand Words”. Best non-dialog short film I’ve seen in the past 6 months. Brilliant story telling.

Also recommended: Vimeo’s 25 Favorite Videos of 2009.


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