The Flaming Lips On The Friday

This Friday the Flaming Lips will be putting on the Summer’s most intergalactastic show at Merriweather in Columbia. Why should you go? The music is great, there’s confetti, a man in an inflatable ball walks across the heads of the audience, and Santas and Aliens dance on stage. That’s not enough? Fine. This is the first time they’ve toured as a headlining act in at least 4 years… reason being, they’ve got a new double album coming out in October called Embryonic. You’ll be able to listen to the new album in full at their merch table during the show.


Plus, when you buy tickets you get the code to download a 3 song digital EP and they’ve just added 3 more songs to that. As someone who’s seen the Lips several times, I’m really psyched that Star Death and White Dwarfs are opening. SDWD is fronted by Wayne Coyne’s nephew and nepotism or not these guys sound “like a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge”, to paraphrase Tyres O’Flaherty.  Their debut album, Birth, just came out. Listen and download a couple of the songs. Play your cards right and your concert experience will go something like this

Tron Mary T-Shirt for the win



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