Redecorating the Resume

In the process of updating my resume and looking for a full time gig I’ve been rewatching some of my independent video projects. Those include previously blogged about a) video blog for Annapolis’ best comic book shop Third Eye Comics & b) a 30 second commercial for Baltimore’s largest club Rams Head Live. So here’s something new for you- my first ever paying gig as a videographer/editor. Deco-Mags is a business owned by my friend and former colleague Alex Cortright’s wife Monica Benitz. Basically, she makes these huge magnets that can be cut up and put on any kind of metal appliance or fixture. Hopefully the video gives you a good idea of what Deco-Mags are.

I didn’t have room to include Deco-Mags on my resume, but I wanted to give my first project a shout out. It did have quite the audience as a pre-roll video ad on WRNR‘s online radio stream for a month in late 2008. Plus, it’s a great excuse to post my resume (twice!).


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