Quick Fix Media Hits From The Blockbuster Syringe

Following up on promoting your film/video/what have you in the social media age, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention director Edgar Wright’s video blogs for his in production movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. Wright is the co-creator of Spaced and good friends with Paul‘s Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Wright cross promotes Scott with Paul in this *bonus* blog

Paul‘s video blog response:

The cross promotion helps to increase the awareness of both films to fans of Pegg, Frost, & Wright who are all usually one in the same. The *official* numbered episodic video blogs for Scott are usually much longer and more in depth than the *bonus* blog. They’re all quite engaging and interesting. Episode 10, Clash At Demonhead, features the band of the same name. It includes a look at the fictional branding & merchandise created for this fictional band. How meta for a blog meant to brand and promote the movie.


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