How To Promote Your Film, Video, What Have You On the Web

Steve Zacuto and company have been producing this really great webisodic series called “Film Fellas”. It features Steve and a cast of 3 rotating industry types talking about the future of film and video distribution. In this episode Steve and company discuss and debate the models for branding your film/video/what have you in the social media age.

The discussion centers on how important it is to “build a community” for your impending film release. Everyone agrees that Twitter, Facebook, Myspace are all important outlets to attract and build a fanbase, which translates into people watching your content when its released. So the question is, what kind of content do you offer the fanbase to pique their interest and “build that community”? The answer is: extra, interesting, and unique video content and the ability to interact. Behind the scenes footage, video blogs, sneak peeks, comment sections are all pure fried gold. I’m a huge fan of Simon Pegg (I know you know). He and frequent co-star/best friend Nick Frost are currently filming their new movie Paul. is one of the coolest, easy to navigate online communities for an upcoming movie I’ve ever seen. It incorporates everything we’ve talked about for successful “community building”. Take a look at the first video blog from on set with Simon and Nick.

Building a web site like isn’t cheap for independent filmmakers. But with the multitude of kids graduating from web design school these days I’m sure you can find someone willing to work with you to build their resume. Maybe you could even use one of those new fangled social media apps to network and find the right person for the job? Paul comes out in 2010, which is a year that’s getting my thumbs up so far.


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