Sailing Channel Theater- Cruising Has NO LIMITS

Following an overly long blogging break, I’m proud to bring you my latest excuse project, and the reason I haven’t had time to blog:


Sailing Channel Theater features excerpts from the best independently produced sailing documentaries in the world. The first episode features Lin & Larry Pardey’s “Cruising Has NO LIMITS”, which documents their journies to Southern Africa, Brazil, and western Ireland. This is my first time working on a broadcast television show, and what the press release doesn’t tell you is that this is a family affair. My Dad Tory is the host/producer/TheSailingChannel.TV CEO, brother Peter is director/producer/post-production, and I handle marketing/pr/web/post-production. The show is premiering this Sunday, July 5 at 1pm on WLIW21 Long Island public television. WLIW, being the forward thinking folks that they are, have posted the show on their web site for streaming here. You can also watch it online at TheSailingChannel.TV/SCT. And hey, if you’re interested in getting the halo-y goodness of underwriting the only sailing centric show on public television email me Jon@TheSailingChannel.TV. Ok, if you made it this far you can watch the video right here, but you have to tell at least one friend about it!


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