Flaming Lips Borderline Video Done RED

George Salisbury, the guy behind the guy in charge of the frequent transmissions from Flaming Lips HQ, made a video for the Lips’ cover of Madonna’s “Borderline”  using the high quality HD RED camera. From Salisbury’s post on his Vimeo page,

The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs recorded a version of Madonna’s Borderline for WB’s Covered compilation. They had a song that needed a video and I needed project to test out the Red One. 1 day of prep for a 1 day shoot and a 1 day edit/finish.

Stardeath and White Dwarf’s frontman Dennis Coyne is Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne’s nephew. They are loud. The resulting RED shot video looks incredible. I love the cinematic look.

I saw the Flaming Lips perform this song in April and it was super subdued, even considering the overall slower tempo of the entire set. Its no secret to friends and family that the Flaming Lips are my favorite live band. Seriously, I’m from Annapolis and I gave up seeing this to go see them play. But, I knew the Earth Day show wouldn’t measure up to the last time I saw the Flaming Lips. I snapped these two pics from 10 feet away on the side of the stage at Bonnaroo

Cymbals From Istanbul

Cymbals From Istanbul

10,000 Lasers

10,000 Lasers

Coincidentally, it turns out I was about 5 feet behind George Salisbury himself during the Bonnaroo set. Freeze the video on the 1:00 mark and you’ll see me in the upper right hand corner taking the picture you see above.


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