The Mae Shi Animate “Lamb and the Lion”

The Mae Shi are one of my favorite bands of the past five years. I officially became a fan when they played last year’s Whartscape Festival in Baltimore. After their performance I was inspired to buy their album and t-shirt.  If you were lucky enough to shoot a live, animated performance of  “Leech & Locust” and “Run To Your Grave”, you’d support these guys on the spot too

Speaking of inspirational, I think that’s the best term for their official time lapse video for “Run To Your Grave”. Perhaps being based out of LA has something to do with the Mae Shi (who don’t really have any money to finance such things) finding awesome creative talent to make their videos.

Two years One year between videos from their album HLLYYYHH may seem like a long time, but that’s because its quality, not quantity.The medium of animation lends itself well to these D.I.Y. punk rocker’s “animated” live performance aesthetic. Lions, elephants, skull helms, and an epic medieval battle make “Lamb and the Lion” my favorite video of the year, so far…


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