Eclectic Method Takes Tarantino to Task

Eclectic Method are “readying the the New World (America) for the 2.0 A/V revolution”. Bewaring the Ides of March in their bid to conquer our country, they waited until April to launch their Spring offensive. Behold The Tarantino Mixtape

The (Not VJs) Remix trio hail from jolly old England and recently relocated 2/3rds of their organization to bracket the U.S. of A. by way of NYC and LA. Eclectic Method’s method works like this- take video, television, and film clips then remix the footage and sound to create big, banging, dance floor burners. All that is old is made new again. At least that’s the idea. Challenging authority is a big theme with Eclectic Method. Take for example their remix of Stephen Colbert’s conversation with Lawrence Lessig. They talk about the concept of remixing while Colbert defies anyone to remix the interview:

While the dance music remix formula is generally true for Eclectic Method, there are some exceptions. Deeply partisan political exceptions

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


A commenter going by the name “Quentin Tarantino” notes that James Hyman produced a critically acclaimed remix/mashup CD of Tarantino movie soundtrack music over 4 years ago. Hyman just released a trailer for a “feature length (!)” video remix/mashup of Tarantino films. This video is NSFW as it does briefly feature a sex scene


2 Responses to “Eclectic Method Takes Tarantino to Task”

  1. Quentin Tarantino Says:

    May I draw your attention to this please, another powerful QT movie mash-up which began as a mix-CD 4 years ago:

  2. Thanks for stopping by Quentin. I do like the look of the soundtrack. Do you know when Hyman’s video mashup will be released?

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