Health Die Slow, The Knife Evolve

I think I’m becoming addicted to L.A. noise vacuum tube pop cleaning quadratet HEALTH‘s new single “Die Slow”. Here’s what the 7″ artwork looks like.

Click here to listen to Die Slow and the remix

Click the pic to listen to Die Slow

The single is off of their forthcoming album Get Color. Color me intrigued.

And because they’d sound good on a mix tape for thematic, as well as aural reasons, here’s The Knife’s “We Share Our Mother’s Health”

Not to mention that I am addicted to motion graphics. Glass panes fx for the win! And in The Knife news (at least to me), they‘re working on an opera about Darwin. Yes, that Darwin,

In November 2009, it is precisely 150 years since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species, a work that describes the biological and geological world, as it has come into existence and continues to do so every single day. Our view of the world has been changed for ever as a result of the theory of evolution. Tomorrow, in a year uses Darwin’s way of observing and describing the world. Change as a process and the interrelationship of all things is the basic material of the performance. Olof Dreijer is now at a field recordning in the Amazon to record animals, fish and plants.


One Response to “Health Die Slow, The Knife Evolve”

  1. the video is really funny

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