Rams Head Live In Motion

The good folks over at Rams Head asked me to create a commercial for their Baltimore venue Rams Head Live. You’ll be able to see it on big and small screens at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD starting with Saturday’s Fall Out Boy show. Apparently there’s no sound for any commercial at MPP, hence the silent treatment. The idea was to take several stills, provided by Rams Head’s multi-talented graphic designer/blogger/tour guide Krista, and animate them. The main look I had in mind was produced using Motion’s glass panes effect combined with a couple of image masks. Every video I’ve worked on has had sound, so working without it was my biggest challenge for this project. For pacing I relied on text including Rams Head Live’s tagline, “This is what makes Baltimore rock!” and upcoming shows. Here’s the original animation updated with music from The Streets “Trust Me” off Mike Skinner’s recent Twitter releases

Rams Head liked the look but they wanted me to lose all text. Plus, they wanted the images larger and venue contact info displayed throughout. And they wanted the image at the end to be the image at the end. So a few changes later and here’s the final draft


2 Responses to “Rams Head Live In Motion”

  1. Great video!! Love the changes made to the final version – a picture is worth a thousand words… Makes me want to go to a concert at Rams Head Live!

  2. Thanks Zooperhero, might I suggest the Crystal Method? That’s sure to be a floor burner.

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