The Austin, Texas Connection

Austin, Texas- home to South By Southwest Festival, lots of cool bands, and plenty of creative types. And they all collaborate together. Ryan Junell and Double Triple recently unveiled …Trail of Dead’s “Isis Unveiled” with all kinds of post production stop motion animation trickery. The FX compliment the demon themed metal quite well.

Speaking of demonic entities, DT and Junell also created the video for The Octopus Project’s “An Evening With Rhthara”. Junell describes the creation process…

We used thousands of photos on hundreds of layers to create this kind-of horrible/splendid array of bats, butterflies, and psychedelic stop-motion animation to depict “An Evening with Rthrtha”. Rthrtha, as I understand, is a mythical gigantic pink bat that likes to play cards… well, at least that’s what the band told us.

A complete synopsis for this anti-Cthulhu like plot can be found here. They screened the video at South By Southwest where it kicked some serious Elder God ass.

In 2007 I was fortunate to film the Austin band Spoon at a private concert for my old employer. Junell and Double Triple were lucky enough to be tapped by Spoon to create the official video for “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb”. Again, Junell describes the process,

A three minute 2d stop motion animated music video for the band Spoon. Neither of us had done stop motion or green screen before so there was a big learning curve, but it was super fun and some of the best hardwork I’ve done in awhile… We invented a production ethic called “Whomping” (alt. “Wamping” or “Womping”) where you just take what’s in front of you and Whomp/Wamp/Womp on it til its done. Phillip [of Double Triple] explained to me that you can’t pay for whomping… because whomping can only come from the inside.

Not bad for their first (!) attempt at 2d stop motion animation. Morning abstract music video viewing trifecta complete.


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