Pitchfork To Start Monetizing Pitchfork.TV?

If you follow music online you’ve heard of Pitchfork & Pitchfork.TV. I’ve blogged about the streaming video channel before. Pitchfork.TV celebrated it’s one year anniversary yesterday. PitchforkTV DebutI remember the press release touted that it was built completely from the ground up and exclusively hosted by Pitchfork. I guess technological complexity costs, and plummeting on line advertising market finally kicked in. About a month ago Pitchfork migrated to Pitchfork.com in a move that brought their music news , reviews & videos under one domain. Smart time to launch a completely revamped video platform. According to the Delve Networks blog, Pitchfork.TV is using “Delve’s Online Video Management System” which made “it possible for Pitchfork to launch their engaging site.” Coincidentally (or is it that all geniuses think alike?) a company I do some work for, The Sailing Channel.TV, also recently made the switch to Delve Networks because of their Hi Def streaming capabilities and monetization tools, which are ideal for independent companies. With the current state of the economy, might we be seeing some highly targeted overlay ads on Pitchfork.TV a la Myspace in the not too distant future? U2 Video Ad Overlay

Making original, High Definition documentaries ain’t cheap.


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