Man Man- “Rabbit Habbits” Video Debut’s On Funny Or Die

Anti- Records debuted Philadelphia’s Man Man “Rabbit Habits” video yesterday on Will Ferrell’s Funny Or Die.

Man Man "Rabbit Habits"

Man Man "Rabbit Habits"

You’ll need some patience if you’re viewing this for the song. For the first 2+ minutes you’re forced to watch SNL’s Fred Armisen do his thing. Then the music kicks in. It’s a classic black and white tale of boy meets girl, girl turns into werewolf, girl werewolf meets boy werewolf, Teenwolf moments occur, they eat a rabbit in a cone, and girl breaks the habit of hating her werewolf self. Oh, there’s the song title. Fred Armisen’s character’s death explains why Anti- Records chose to put this on Funny Or Die first. Honesty in music marketing is something I appreciate. Director Lex Halaby has done videos for acts ranging in diversity from Hoobastank to frickin’ Bettye Lavette ?!? (she’s on Anti-, duh). His video for Atmosphere’s “National Disgrace” brings a whole new meaning to the word “bumrush”.

Atmosphere "National Disgrace"

Atmosphere "National Disgrace"


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