YouTube Makes HD Embeds Officially Official

Its official- embedded YouTube videos now come with a cool red “HD” button instead of just the red “HQ” button to toggle video quality. While  YouTube videos could be embedded in HD before, you needed to add some code to the html embed file. YouTube finally decided to simplify the process. First up is an example of the new red HD button option. Press play for it to pop up:

Animal Collective “My Girls”

Second, is the HQ button option. Again, press play for it to pop up:

No Age “Eraser”

Remember kids, just press the red candy like button to watch your YouTube videos in HQ and HD. This has also been applied to the YouTube page in general. You no longer have to click a link to watch a video in HQ or HD. Instead, just toggle the red HQ or HD candy like button integrated into the player. Ahhh, streamlining. Update: Just to clarify, that button doesn’t turn candy colored red until you mouse over it.


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