Und Maybe Vee Stamp On It Und Skvush It

In the middle of May (Wednesday the 14th to be precise) harmonizing power poppers Winterpills stopped by the RNR studios. I don’t remember if they were even on tour, but Winterpills always seem to stop by. I think it has something do with the fact that WRNR is the ONLY radio station that plays them. While their recorded material is great, catching them in a live setting on a boat filled with Twisted Tea drinking degenerates can find them a bit lackluster. Luckily, performing live on air at WRNR is the perfect compromise between a controlled, studio recording and a spontaneous, ephemereal performance…

Broken Arm (from The Light Divides)

Winterpills hail from Northampton, MA which is in the heart of college country I think. They had no problem with me filming them with my Canon HV20. I set the mode to cinematic 24p and away they went. In post I synced up the sound from the recording, hence the good quality. Final Cut Pro is amazing. Winterpills can be a little depressing. Their subject matter ranges from depressing to nihilistic, but they make no bones about it…

We’ll Bring You Down (from Central Chambers)

Oh yeah, you’ve got to love RNR DJ Rob Timm hanging in the middle of the frame due to the fantastic set up of the on air studio. He kind of looks like a child who wanders in to the middle of a movie and wants to know what’s going on, don’t you think?


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