What In God’s Holy Name Are You Blathering About?

If you look up ironic songs in the dictionary under definition 3 you’ll find listed

Mother of Pearl

Nellie McKay was my next victim of the old Canon HV20. She dropped by the studio the morning of Friday, April 18 on the way to her gig in Easton, MD at the Talbot County Historical Society Auditorium. For most musicians being  anywhere at 9am is Hell. Being FUNCTIONAL enough to learn a song in a matter of minutes and play it live on the radio at 9am makes you pretty unique. That’s Nellie McKay in a nutshell. She’s intelligent, overtly feminist, and has a great sense of humor. And since she was playing a ukulele, instead of a regular guitar, we had to Google the chords to this song for her.

April Showers

Nellie McKay brings out the best in YouTube commenters too. From “She’s so talented and just adorable!” to people completely missing the point about her song “Mother of Pearl” only to be corrected by another commenter noting that, “You have clearly missed the whole point.” Clearly WNCube6 wasn’t unaware of certain information coming to light.


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