My Wife Is Not The Issue Here!

Earlier this year the Baltimore Round Robin Tour explored the fabled cities of Chicago, New York City, Boston, etc. The tour features a ton of indie (indie solely being defined as not on a major label) musicians/performance artists/a lot of what have you, from Baltimore. The idea being this: there is NO headliner. The bands play in a circle with the audience in the center, making them participants, and the center of attention. Each performer plays 1 song, then the next performer plays in an order that the audience isn’t privy to. The tour’s been reported on thoroughly here, here, here, and via the monstrous many headed beast’s own Tumblr. Robbie Rackleff edited, compressed, posted, and appears in the coolest and rawest 16:9 music/tour doc I’ve seen all year. Click the image below to view Robbie’s instantly epic documentary.

Baltimore Round Robin 2008

Baltimore Round Robin 2008

Throwing Rocks

Catch the show in it’s hometown of Baltimore Thursday and Friday at Sonar. And cheers to these guys for not blaming anyone about their touring around in a veggie oil powered bus and going out there and achieving anyway.


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