You Might Want to Watch Out the Front Window There, Larry…

Oh, 2008. You were long, and at times extremely shitty. But as 2009 approaches lets focus on the good things that happened in 2008. Lets see, how about Ryan Bingham? He played the first WRNR Private Artist Showcase of the year on Sunday, February 17 at the Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis.

Hard Times

We shot the show with 3 cameras, all handheld: a Canon HV20 on wide, a PD150 for close ups, and a Canon GL something? for close ups and profile shots. It was the first time the both Salvia Brothers shot together. That alone makes it historic.

Bread & Water

I was lucky enough to meet Ryan after the show. In fact, I drove him back in my own car to WRNR so he could pick up some of his gear and do a quick interview on air. On the 5 minute ride back we talked about his tour experience and it struck me just how down to earth Ryan is. Maybe humble is a better word. He mentioned he liked Annapolis as a town and that he and the band were staying the night at the Loew’s Hotel downtown Annapolis not too far from the Rams Head.

Southside of Heaven

Apparently after the show Ryan and the band went to the bar at Rams Head along with my current roomate and a RNR DJ (who shall remain nameless). I missed out on this because, well I don’t remember why, but I had an extremely lame excuse. We found out later the tab left at the bar was over $300. Rounds of shots of whiskey will do that. Ryan’s record label ended up paying that one off, ha. After leaving Rams Head, Ryan and company weren’t done with Annapolis.

Ghost of Travelin’ Jones

Now this is where the story comes to me second hand, and I pass it on to you, which makes it third hand. Ryan and crew wound up at downtown Annapolis’ Middleton Tavern. Turned out it was a local music night and there was a kid with guitar, and a drummer about to play. They were kind of crappy, but the kid admitted it was his first time playing out ever.  When Ryan and the band heard how off tune they were they offered to tune the instruments. But this kid also had an attitude and scoffed at them and so they backed off. To remain friendly, Ryan’s tour manager offered to buy the kid a shot, whatever he wanted. Again, this kid with the attitude, says something like “I’m a bartender, you can buy me whatever you want. I can handle anything…” in this rude kind of way. So, the tour manager orders him a shot of Buffalo Sweat, which is a nasty shot indeed. The kid drinks it down and begins to look a little green in the face, so the story goes, and then gets back to playing…badly…like really, really badly. Now at this point Ryan and company haven’t let up on their own drinking. Ryan finally gets up once the kid takes a break, grabs the guys guitar and tunes it while playing random not really musical stuff. No one pays attention and no one has realized who Ryan is yet. Ryan finishes tuning and just belts out the most amazing blues rock you’ve ever heard. Not his own stuff, not even country, I’m talking bluesy, awesome guitar jam rock. Everyone in the bar is turning around and realizes this isn’t just some yahoo in a cowboy hat. The kid’s mom recognizes Ryan at this point and thanks him for tuning her asshole son’s guitar.


So, the moral of this story is…don’t be a tool to a rock band that has more talent in the backwash of their beer glasses than you will ever have in your whole life. Oh, and stick around and party with the rock star afterward. It will make your blog post that much better.


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