Michael Franti in HD


What’s A WRNR Private Artist Showcase?

Michael Franti & Spearhead performed one of the best Private Artist Showcases of the year, if not ever, on Wednesday, November 19. Filmed in HD in the middle of the day at the Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis in front of a packed WRNR audience. So to answer the question… you can’t buy tickets to the show. Ever. To win listeners have to listen on air as to when to call, be a part of the Rock ‘n Rollment, and/or sign up for RNR Textacy. The show blows your mind and makes you oh so glad you lied to your boss about being sick/going to the doctor’s/fighting off a zombie invasion/what have you. It looks like this…



The above is only a screengrab. Clicking it will direct you to the WRNR website where it will play back in 720p HD. It clocks in at 22:13 so make sure you let it buffer first. I recommend the full screen option. You can also view the video in HD at the WRNR On Demand Player along with many more in house produced RNR HD videos, artist music videos, interviews, mp3s, etc.



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