What Does The Future Of YouTube Look Like?

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Big Media companies are investing in and buying up YouTube based MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks) for hundreds of millions of dollars. Big time YouTubers are making the leap from online to TV. Some are even making direct deals with movie studios. These companies seem to be banking BIG on YouTube as a platform and more importantly as a talent “minor league”. What they may also be banking on is the next generation of streaming video codecs.

H.264 is the most ubiquitous streaming video codec on the planet. It can play on 98% of all devices. The visual quality is very good. It plays HD content flawlessly. Its so good that companies like YouTube and Netflix are the cause of much consternation for ISPs and cable companies. Sure, they claim that the issues come down to “too much bandwidth” and “piracy”. But we know that these companies are playing dirty. With content that looks as good as TV, how are these Old Media companies supposed to retain TV customers? That’s the real threat and its getting harder every day.

We are about to enter the era of next generation video codecs. H.265 and Google’s VP9 are going to revolutionize the streaming of Ultra HD resolution video over the Internet. These new codecs are reportedly twice as efficient as H.264. Practically, that means that HD video encoded with H.265/VP9 will be halved fifthed in size. We’re looking at a vastly improved image quality and vastly reduced bandwidth. But don’t take my word for it, make sure to select 4K from the list of playback resolutions…



I am the Finishing Editor on a web show called YouTube Nation. This “Best of YouTube” show is co-produced by YouTube and Dreamworks Animation. As far as I know we are the only show delivering 4K content daily on earth. Our Post Production Supervisor Peter Salvia (my brother) worked with Google engineers to VP9 encode all of our videos. What you’re about to view is one of the only shows on YouTube/the Internet streaming in 4K that you can actually watch in 4K. Its mixed Red Scarlet Ultra HD footage and various resolutions/codecs upscaled to Ultra HD. It will play on your “crappy” laptop and even worse internet connection.

From working with the footage on ingest to finishing the show and creating the “look”, or what I like to call Digital Neon Sleaze, this VP9 encode looks almost visually lossless. 4K playback on YouTube is here. Now. Strap in. Or as my old math teacher Mr. Wallach used to say,

Punch all the buttons and out comes a big mac.







You’re Goddamn Right I Live In The Past!

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When I started this blog I had the idea of using random quotes from the film, “The Big Lebowski”, for each entry’s title. You see, I’m a bit of a nut about the film and I’m pretty convinced that any line in that movie can be applied to one’s own life, as it is ongoing, in almost any situation. Delightfully stupid. But dammit if I didn’t have fun trying to make it work. If you skim the entry titles from 6 years back (fuck, really 6?) you can see that I did a good job.

But then as I shifted career paths my focus changed. Entries became more technically orientated, and less personal. That whole quote thing flew right out the window. So it’s fitting I found a ripe one from the Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator for this personal entry.

My dog, Pluto, died last week. He moved back to the east coast several months ago to live with my parents. My job and living situation inhibited my ability to care for him properly. My parents are awesome. His move back east had nothing to do with his death. He arrived at the Vet’s having to be carried in with a fever of 106. He had trouble sitting. Several hours earlier you would never have known what was coming. Pluto was his usual Tesla coil of energy. Then he came inside from playing in the back yard and was shaking something fierce. My mom called the neighbor who came over and checked his temperature. 103.

It was sudden, and mercifully swift. Pluto had one of the rarest forms of cancer on his right kidney. Adenocarcinoma. The doctor’s didn’t know how long it had been there, but it was already too late. The cancer reached his nervous system and was unstoppable. As the hours passed Pluto only got worse. By the end he couldn’t stand, barely able to move at all. Over the phone I said goodbye to my buddy. We euthanized him.

This all happened in less than 24 hours. Over the weekend it rained here. We’ve been in The Worst Drought In Recorded California History. The rain received won’t make up for that, but its better than nothing. A parting gift, if you will, from a friend.

A dog will teach you to live in the moment. Over the last several months Pluto helped my dad get back into shape. He made everyone’s day brighter just from being his own kind soul. Even at the end he refused to prolong the inevitable. You couldn’t ask for a better friend than that. A dog will change your life. Miss you bud. Thanks for playing.

A Man's Best Friend

A Man’s Best Friend

Just Warm It Up

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Usually when I realize I haven’t updated this blog in awhile its because its been 6 months. Give or take. I’ve been busy with lots of work. D.I.T.itting, camera, post, directing, producing, wearing a lot of hats. You know what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for other, creative endeavors. I negotiated for immunity if this blog doesn’t get updated for a while. A gain.

So, hopefully more to come soon as I attempt the thing known as “writing” again.

p.s. If this post was a let down, then go watch (if you can, there are sometimes massive problems, don’t ask) 30 some episodes of Film Pigs, a sketch comedy show I’ve been working on for a long, long time. Long. Long, long, long, time. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how long it feels like I’ve been working on this show. R Warning.

Rated R

Rated R

p.p.s. Sorry for yelling.

Waiting On A Train

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My friend Dave Joyce’s short film, Waiting On A Train, is an official selection of DC Shorts Film Festival. I served as D.I.T. on set using the short lived Storm from The Foundry. Anyone remember that program? <crickets> Right. At one point they were even writing an article featuring Waiting On A Train as an early adopter of Storm. C’est la vie.

I had a much larger role as editor of the film, for which I used FCP7. I cut the above trailer based on an idea Dave and I discussed before I shipped off for sunny L.A. If you’re in D.C. catch a screening and Q&A with director Dave this weekend as a part of Showcase 13, September 8, 10, & 15.

In An Environment Like This…

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My brother Peter and I started Salviascope with the intent of offering complete end to end production services. So far, we’ve been doing just that in a variety of production environments: live events, documentaries, short films, and even fake reality tv. That last one might be my favorite of what we’ve completed so far. I’ve somehow become addicted to the reality tv show (I know) “Dual Survival”. It’s the best “survival” show on tv. I HATE reality tv, so if I’m watching it, well, “Mr. Satan sir, your size 12 ice skates are ready.” I had been throwing around the idea of doing a complete rip off of the show in some way. Leave it to the U.S. Army to actually give me & my brother the chance to write, shoot, and edit…

Dual Thrive-ival (password: ayre)

This comedic short is screening for troops at Army Yellow Ribbon Experience events as a way to bring levity to an otherwise somber process. The Army Yellow Ribbon Experience provides support for returning Army vets, pre-deployed soldiers, and family members of currently deployed troops. The program has only been in existence for a few years and most of the public and troops are still unaware of its existence. I’ve seen real breakthroughs for individuals. Some hated the program in the beginning, but came out loving it by the end. Others were able to receive counseling on site and everyone came away more enlightened.

Since the 2003 Iraq invasion, its been clear to me that the wars our politicians are waging in our names are fallacious on a scale America hasn’t experienced since Vietnam. Given today’s depressing New York Times article, “Suicide Rates Eclipse War Deaths For Troops“, I think we’re seeing the long term effects of these never ending quagmires. The young men and women fighting these wars pay the ultimate cost. The rest of us bear it psychically. No matter what your view of the multiple wars we’re engaged in… the Army Yellow Ribbon Experience is one of the FEW government programs actively helping the troops reintegrate emotionally, mentally, and physically. Hoorah.

Vegan Triceratops

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Vegan cupcakes!? Nom nom nom.

One of the good things about Los Angeles is the abundance of incredibly cheap, locally grown produce.

Camera phones aren’t just for being spied upon.

Combine that with myriad full fledged vegan restaurants and its kind of a vegan paradise out West. When I’m not making my own delicious dishes, I’m sampling the Southland’s finest vegan cuisine. If you’re interested in an infrequently updated vegan/political tumblr blog, check me out at Vegan Triceratops.

Salviascope 101

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Salviascope has released the first in what could become a series of training tutorials for Speedgrade- the new full feature color correction software bundled inside the upcoming Adobe Production Suite CS6. If you’re making the transition from FCP7 to an Adobe Premiere/Speedgrade workflow (or thinking about it) you’ll find plenty of great info in this intro video. We’ve secured a very special trainer to provide insight into this incredibly rich application. Produced by my brother Peter Salvia, you can read his own blog post on the tutorial.

Click through to Vimeo to watch in HD. If you want more tutorials like this one please leave feedback on Pete’s vimeo page.